The Max Restaurant Group and Connecticut’s own Thomas Hooker Brewing Company have collaborated to create and promote a new and noble beer, which will soon be your favorite beer - Brewtus Maximus.
Made from the finest, freshest and richest ingredients, Brewtus Maximus is a genuine and unique pale ale.

This collective effort, using only the best in local ingredients, has produced characteristics that make Brewtus Maximus remarkable and distinctive.

Brewtus Maximus is a perfectly balanced pale ale with an unsurpassed taste, which delivers in the warmth of the summer sun and on a cold winter’s day.

Visit your favorite Max Restaurant and ask for the noblest beer of
them all, Brewtus Maximus.



Chinook = Bittering
Cascade = Aroma
(6lbs used addtionally for dry hopping)
Columbus = Flavoring

Pale Ale Malt

IBU = 69
Original Gravity = 1.052
Attenuation = 1.1014
ABV = 5.96%